The results of the National Citizen Survey, conducted by the City of Walnut Creek in 2017, affirm what we all know to be true – Walnut Creek is a great place to live, to raise a family, and to enjoy a sense of community. We couldn’t agree more, having served and been part of this neighborhood since 1958. The city has certainly grown over the years, as has our “little church on the outskirts of town.”

In 1958, we built a small building in the midst of an orchard. Over the course of a decade, four more buildings were constructed, including a gym.

In 1999, we completed phase one of a three phase Master plan, our Children’s Ministries Center (CMC). This building is home to our Academy and Preschool during the week, and for a variety of children’s activities weekday evenings and on Sundays. In the 20+ years of its existence, the children who first used this building have become adults, and many of them have children who are now meeting in the CMC!

Phase two, a new Worship Center, was completed in May of 2008. It is used for the church’s weekly worship services, for school programs, weddings, memorials, graduations, counseling, blood drives, conferences, and more. In a sense, we are here for the community as we all walk through the various seasons of life.

Phase three of the approved plan is a multi-purpose building that would replace some of the earliest structures on our campus. Our Family Ministries Center (FMC) will reside where our original 1950s-1960s buildings exist on the northeast corner of our property. These buildings have served us well, but they are definitely showing their age. Although approved in 2006, our initial approval has expired, and we have made some thoughtful changes to the interior and exterior which is prompting us to go back to the city for review.

Once completed, the FMC will replace our old chapel, school library, kitchen, and youth meeting spaces, and will also include a gymnasium, which will replace the one that was torn down in 2005. Our Academy students might be the ones most excited for the completion of this final phase as their Physical Education instruction has been conducted in a portion of our parking lot over the past 14 years! The building itself will look very much like our Worship Center, beautifying our campus and its appearance on Ygnacio Valley Road. We are not building to expand. Considering a large portion of this new building is replacing existing activities, we are building the FMC to serve our families in a more efficient way.