Phase III

The Family Ministries Center is the third phase of our Master Plan Project, established in 1996.  The first buildings on our campus were built between 1958 and 1969; our Fellowship Hall, Chapel, West Wing, Eastside, and Gym. In 1998 we opened our Children’s Ministries Center (CMC) (Phase I), which is used 6 days a week. Our Gym was torn down in 2006 to allow for construction of our Worship Center (Phase II), completed in the spring of 2008. Our Family Ministries Center will replace all of the original buildings on our campus.

First Floor Plans (as of September 2019)
Second Floor Plans (as of September 2019)

Why Build?

The desire to build the FMC is not to expand NorthCreek Church or it’s ministries, rather provide  replacement spaces for several areas that have been torn down in the past, or will be torn down to build this new building. Our new building will provide space for weddings and memorials, sports use, a library, meeting rooms, a fun national kitchen, fitness center, and much more. In most cases, we already know how each room in the building will be used from the first day of occupancy.


NorthCreek Church is located in Walnut Creek, California. Our first families met in 1956 at a local Women’s Club and moved to our existing campus in 1958. Since that time, our church has grown, a school was founded, and our campus has continually changed accommodate the needs of the ministries of our church. 


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